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Mobius MS Unit 008: Chapter 1
Sonic walked down the hallway with his hands in his pockets. With endless thoughts running through his mind he hadn't been parting in activities with the others lately. They had noticed that he wasn't himself, especially Amy. Sonic had stopped at the window, glaring at the reflection within the glass. Sonic stares into the deep empty drift of space and the tiny little dots of sparkling stars that glisten in the void.
sonic lets a long deep sigh. He didn't want to have to face shadow but shadow was part of the team and was forced to interact with him around. He knew by the quick looks shadow would give that he didn't enjoy his company neither. It was bad enough that they were in the same unit but even worst that sonic was in command.
Sonic slowly came upon the door entering the recreation center knowing shadow was there.Tails was sitting down on the couch reading a book like he usually does, and knuckles was messing around on the punching bags. The main thing he noticed though, was Shad
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Broken Wings - Chapter XII: A New Life (part II)
Marie was looking through the window into the hospital room watching Edd holding on to his life. Tears started to fill her eyes as she watched her love is hooked up to tubes, and wires.She placed her hand on the glass, then tears began to flow down her face.
"Marie, it will be alright. He is strong, he can make it."
"If he doesn't pull through..I can't raise Nicole on my own. I can't fall in love again for the first time." Marie said.
"Come on lets go inside."
"Alright." Marie said not wanting to face Edd in his current condition.
Marie, and the other girl walked into the room, then Marie walked by and sat down beside Edd. She placed her hand on his, and just reminisced their time together. She couldn't hold in her emotions anymore, and began to break down in tears. she was sobbing with her face in her hands when she felt a soft, warm hand place on her cheek. she stopped crying, and looked to see Edd had awaken.
"I told you I wasn't going anywhere." Edd said smiling.
Marie smil
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Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter XII: A New Life (part I) :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 5 10
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter XI: The Hit :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 5 3
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter X: The Plan :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 5 15
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter IX: The Question :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 4 3
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter VIII: A Shocking Suprise :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 4 4
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter VII: A Suggestion :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 6 2
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter VI: Help That Never Came :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 4 11
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter V: A Night of Remeberance :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 7 1
Broken Wings - Chapter IV: A Change of Heart
Warning: contain disturbing image
Edd was behind a tree listening to Marie hum her song. He couldn't help but to notice how good looking she was. How could it be? This was the same girl who tormented him, and his friends through out his childhood, and didn't find her attractive before. Edd stepped back with one of his legs, and stepped on a stick, that cracked.
Marie quickly stopped humming, and looked around to see what it was.
"Hello? Who is there, show yourself." Marie said.
Edd slowly stepped out from the tree, and nervously waved at her.
"H..Hey there Marie." Edd said nervously while shaking.
Then, her heart sank. She couldn't believe that right before her, was Edd himself.
" that you!?" Marie said.
"Yes, it's me. Long time no see huh?" Edd said with a half smile.
Then all of Marie's emotions just flowed out of her like a volcano that had just erupted.
She quickly ran over to him, and threw her arms around him, and started cry.
"Why! Why did you leave me." Marie
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Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter III: The Horrible Truth :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 6 3
Mature content
Broken Wings - Chapter II: Back To Home :iconsualocinii:SualocinII 9 9
Broken Wings - Chapter I: Goodbye is always hard
Hey everyone, this is my first Ed Edd n' Eddy fanfiction story "Broken Wings". So sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Contains: harsh language, violence, drug use
Note: I do not own Ed Edd n' Eddy
"Please please don't leave Double D!" cried Ed as he was holding on to Edd's ankles being dragged across the floor.
"Yeah sockhead, why don't you just stay here and go to college with Ed & me?"
"Thanks Eddy, but my is set. I'm moving to Durham so I can attend to Duke." as Edd finished packing the last of his things.
"Whatever," Eddy said as he crumbled up a piece of paper and threw it across the room into the trash can.
"Finally!" Edd said happily as he finished packing the last suitcase.
"Now would you gentlemen help me carry everything down to the car?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that everyone is outside waiting on you to say goodbye," Eddy said as he casually leans back in the chair with his feet on the table.
"Oh really" Edd was delighted when he heard this as it made moving not so b
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Innocent Sin pg 39 by ZoaRenso Innocent Sin pg 39 :iconzoarenso:ZoaRenso 59 58 Swanky by Bri-sta Swanky :iconbri-sta:Bri-sta 53 4 Nevermore Squirrels by CindyCandy100 Nevermore Squirrels :iconcindycandy100:CindyCandy100 4 47 Young Romance Pg6 by TropicalCandy Young Romance Pg6 :icontropicalcandy:TropicalCandy 90 29 Love Struck: A Shadamy Story by ShadowBabe1 Love Struck: A Shadamy Story :iconshadowbabe1:ShadowBabe1 159 57 From me To you Pg.1 by ShadowBabe1 From me To you Pg.1 :iconshadowbabe1:ShadowBabe1 190 9 MargaretxMordecai WIP by Sunnynoga MargaretxMordecai WIP :iconsunnynoga:Sunnynoga 430 57 MxM - You afraid? by xXSonnyTheCatXx MxM - You afraid? :iconxxsonnythecatxx:xXSonnyTheCatXx 252 49 Score by MimiMarieT Score :iconmimimariet:MimiMarieT 446 197 Daft Park by PogoBox Daft Park :iconpogobox:PogoBox 38 4
Chapter 1: Regular Lovin'
"Hey guys, how's the coffee?" asked the red robin who worked at the coffee shop.
"Oh, h-hey Margaret! The uh, the coffee's great." said Mordecai stumbling over his words.
"Great!" Margaret started walking away.
"Margaret!" called Mordecai.
"Yeah?" she asked, whirling around.
"Hey, uh, so, uh," she gazed at him with beautiful eyes, "ah, uh. You know what, never mind." said the blue jay trembling. Margaret returned to the kitchen to get a latte for another table.
"Uuuugh dude! Just ask her already!"
"I will, I will. In the meantime, you have to ask Eileen." he replied .
"You were serious?"
"Yeah dude, I bought 4 tickets."
"I don't even like her!" whined the small raccoon.
"I don't care!" shouted Mordecai. "Just ask her!" Eileen was busting tables. Rigby walked up to her. "Hey Eileen," he mumbled. Eileen dropped a glass in surprise. It smashed into a million tiny pieces.
"Hi Rigby. How are you?" she asked blushing.
"Fine." Rigby stated bending over to pick up the pieces.Eileen brushed the
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RS: Expecting Couple by SugarKills RS: Expecting Couple :iconsugarkills:SugarKills 241 35 Dem Lady Pecks! by Kurai-Lombax Dem Lady Pecks! :iconkurai-lombax:Kurai-Lombax 116 55 Regular Show OCs by Kurai-Lombax Regular Show OCs :iconkurai-lombax:Kurai-Lombax 89 50 Constellations Cover Art by dream--chan Constellations Cover Art :icondream--chan:dream--chan 1,331 72



I had finally got the first chapter of my new story out :D


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